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All About Bobby's Cleaning Service

Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

This business began with the idea in mind to help gym owners and trainers save time and energy by providing a quality cleaning service. Sticking with only gyms didn't last long as the need for a quality cleaning service in other areas of business and personal life was noticed. Now, servicing multiple gyms, businesses and home owners, Bobby and his cleaning team are giving people back time and energy that they would rather put towards building their business and/or building their life! How do we do it? By learning, understanding and developing simple core values that provide a mental foundation that we carry with us and use for every action and decision we make. Check out our core values below!

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Core Values

1. Always Seek Improvement

•This is a very important concept to grasp if you desire to have any success in your life. You must work on yourself daily, always improving and always becoming aware of things you can improve on.

2. Be Positive, Be Happy

•Your happiness level is directly related to how you view your world. You can either blame your lack of happiness on your environment which you can’t control, or you can take responsibility for the things and can control, like your mindset, and realize that there is always a bright side as well as plenty of opportunity to be happy and satisfied with life.

3. Give the Little Extra

•Everyone has a job and a certain level of expectation to fill while doing that job. This is about doing things beyond what is expected.

4. Give Yourself Grace

•When you do make mistakes, have an easy-going attitude about it. Do not beat yourself up. Take responsibility for the mistake you made, find out what caused you to make that mistake and find a solution that will eliminate you from making the same mistake again.

5. Don't Let Fear Control You

Embrace your fears, do not avoid them. Doing this will open the doors to great opportunities in your life. When you avoid what scares you, you never get to experience whatever is behind that door of fear. So get uncomfortable! Make mistakes! Fail and learn from it! This is the fastest path to true success because instead of staying in your comfort zone, you experience new things and sure, you will have setbacks and failures, but that is how you learn!

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